Stand up for women and non-binary people in tech.

Join the general strike on February 23, 2017.

Pledge to stay home from work, stay offline, and/or publicly protest.

It's no secret that the tech industry is stacked against anyone who is not a cisgender white male. And we have had enough of it.

We design, create, maintain, and manage the critical infrastructure and applications that power the internet economy. We struggle to be recognized, promoted, and paid for the intellectual and emotional labor that is demanded of us, while our male peers enjoy their positions of privilege.

As recent distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks have shown, by combining resources and working in tandem, the very infrastructure of the web can be brought to a screeching halt. We believe that without us the same effect would be felt rippling through every aspect of online life.

We are calling on all women and non-binary people to stand in solidarity and pledge to stay offline, organize or join public gatherings, or stay home in protest of being constantly overlooked, undervalued, underpaid, and downright attacked for daring to demand basic dignity and respect.

Why are we doing this?

Although we make up only 20-30% of the workforce in tech, the role that women play is critical and we firmly believe that without us, the industry simply cannot function. We are providing essential labor and striking will make that clear.

Women in tech:

The Distributed Denial of Women project represents a belief in our collective power to effect change. However, we recognize that not all women have the privilege to participate in this strike; some women may risk microaggression, attack or even losing their jobs for participating in this collective action. We support women in evaluating their own safety and ability to participate, without judgement or stigma. Women who are unable to abstain from work on February 23rd but are still interested in the project are encouraged to join the social media strike if possible, or to lend support in any other way they are able to and comfortable with. This includes but isn’t limited to signal boosting, spreading the word in back-channels, providing support to participants, etc.

DDoW on the web

Join the fight

Stay home from work. Stay off of public social media for the day. Follow @DenialOfWomen on Twitter and tweet about your participation using the #DDoWomen hashtag. And spread the word.