How to Participate

For Individuals

Those willing and able to join the strike are asked to follow @DenialOfWomen on Twitter and tweet about their participation using the #DDoWomen hashtag. Share the event with like-minded people to spread the word. Use social media to promote our message. Blog about your personal experiences with the toxic culture of technology. If safe and comfortable for you, email your bosses, coworkers, and friends to explain why you won’t be at work on February 23.

For Activists and Organizers

The organizers are reaching out to individuals and groups worldwide. Already several prominent social justice and women’s rights groups in Latin America have expressed solidarity with the effort, and the DDoW organizers hope to forge alliances with more organizations over the coming months. If you run a social justice or diversity-in-tech initiative and are interested in partnering, please contact us.

Organizers are encouraged to stage public protests where possible, and to encourage participation by members of their communities.

For Allies

In addition to helping spread the word about DDoW, have conversations with your managers about why they should support this movement and the women in their company who want to participate. Leverage your privilege, acknowledging that such conversations may be too risky for marginalized people to have on their own.

For Tech Companies

If your company is willing to back its women and non-binary workers in this strike, we encourage you to announce your support publicly via social media and/or the press. Send an internal company memo explaining that although you are working to improve your hiring practices, increase diversity, increase retention, and foster inclusivity in your workplace culture, you recognize that inequities remain and you want to draw attention to them. Communicate to women and non-binary people in your company that they can participate without fear of reprisal, without an impact on compensation, and without using paid time off or sick days.